Brand Guideline Manual

A brand guideline manual is an essential tool for businesses that provides clear guidelines on how to communicate a brand effectively. To ensure consistency across all communication channels, it specifies a company's style, voice, and intended audience. Brand guidelines are essentially a how-to guidebook and rule book for communicating your brand. Brand rules address all aspects of a company's brand identification, such as its logos, colours, iconography, and font style.

When businesses take the time to set brand guidelines, it helps to ensure that their brand image remains consistent no matter where it appears. The brand guidelines are also important for the appealing designs of business cards, envelopes, letterhead, catalogues, websites, and PowerPoint templates.

Our brand guideline creation service includes: -
A brief overview of your company's history, vision, and core values.
Logo placement: Where and how your brand's logo should be placed, including size, spacing, and specifications.
Colours: Introduce your primary and secondary colour palettes, along with colour breakdowns for print, screen, and web.